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Title: Matched Neurosis

Fandom: BBC Sherlock

Characters/Pairings: John/Sherlock

Rating: NC17

Word count: 5434

Disclaimer: Nope, not mine. None of it. But, oh, the things I would do if they were mine...

Warnings: PTSD. Lack of gun safety, blood, excessive violence, unsafe BDSM, strangulation, wrists, mentions of abuse, possible dub-con. Kinky, kinky, gunplay.

Notes: Beta credit to the wonderful, talented, amazing tartanfics; Tartan put up with me through four drafts over two years as I worked on this in fits and starts. They inspire me with their writing, and their silly faces. If you haven’t, go read their writing!

Summary: Violence lurks just under the surface of Sherlock, under his skin and in his heart. That was never a secret. The real secret is that John can match him for every violent urge.

(Fic below cut)Collapse )
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Name: Set Fire to the Rain, Sherlock vid
Vidder: Miss_Sabre
Music: Set Fire to the Rain, by Adele
Characters: Sherlock Holmes,  John Watson
Spoilers: Spoilers for everything
Summary: Post-Reichenbach feels.
Note: This vid was a commission from Alisonofagun
Disclaimer: The song is not mine, and neither is Sherlock. Or the show.

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So, today has been a very injurious day.

Cut for TMICollapse )

I really earned sleep tonight.

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Name: Our Love is Easy, Sherlock--Irene
Vidder: Miss_Sabre
Music: Our Love Is Easy, by Melody Gardot
Characters: Sherlock Holmes,  Irene Adler
Spoilers: Spoilers for S2E1
Summary: Irene tells Sherlock their love is easy, because, of course, it is- isn't it?
Disclaimer: The song is not mine, and neither is Sherlock. Or the show.

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I have been trying to come up with something coherent to say for I-don't-know-how-long, and all that comes to mind is


Neil Gaiman linked to my video (spoilery for season two of Sherlock) on his tumblr.

I still don't quite believe it. I don't know quite how to respond to this. Neil Gaiman has been a favorite author of mine since I discovered his book of short stories "Smoke and Mirrors" as a freshman in highschool. Favorite author. Knows I exist. Liked my vid.

Like I said.


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Made another vid. Like I said before, I'm obsessed.

Name: One Tiny Thing (Out of Place)
Vidder: Miss_Sabre
Music: One Tiny Thing, by 8in8
Characters: John/Sherlock
Spoilers: Spoilers for all of season 1 and 2
Summary: (Hidden for Reichenbach Spoilers) John Can no longer imagine a world without Sherlock. Something just doesn't seem quite right.
Disclaimer: The song is not mine, and neither is Sherlock. Or the show.

I listened to this song right after I made the last vid, and the lyrics seemed too perfect.Therefore, I am including lyrics.

Lyics under cutCollapse )
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One Tiny Thing
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So I am clearly one obsessed puppy when it comes to Sherlock. I have just made my first fanvid, and we have Sherlock and snow to thank for that. You see, Seattle is experiencing the apocalypse in the form of snow right now, and today is my second snow day. I have had time to follow my obsessions.

Without further ado, Sherlock/John, Rest My Chemistry by Interpol. Spoilers for all six episodes of Sherlock!Collapse )
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Apart from my one Sherlock fic, I haven't posted in a long time. It's starting to seem like a habit of mine to pick up on this journal again right after new year's. Last year I made the resolution to write a little every day and, while I didn't stick to it, I did manage to get a lot of writing done (which was my real reason for the resolution, so I don't so much see it as failing.) If I look back on the past year, it's been a terribly busy one for me, and it's sort of been my first real introduction to fandom. I mean, I've lurked for a very long time, but this year I actually got involved, if only peripherally.

I started Sherlock, became obsessed.

To de-anon myself, I waslass_sirene in the expanded universe based on "Theory of Narrative Causality," but I sort of had to stop playing during my move back to Seattle, and then it sounded like it got to be a little too much drama for me, so I slunk away from it. And then I felt so bad for slinking away from it, I didn't come back. (which reminds me, now that we have a canon Irene, I'd be interested in getting back into it, just not entirely sure how.)

I moved a few times, I'm now living with one of my best friends since 8th grade (whom I have known since 2nd grade), and my boyfriend.

I applied to and got into the UW.

I learned how to cook.

I tried to sell sex toys.

I discovered that I get to go to Paris next summer (with my grandparents, who are awesomely cool people)

I got into making beads with clay and wire.

And I wrote and posted my first fic (okay, the posting happened in the new year, but I wrote it in the old year!). Now all I really want to do is write more, but I have this pesky school thing that keeps clamoring for my attention.

This term, at school, I'm taking my second acting class at the UW, french 301, and a class on the Psychology of gender. I'm really excited for everything, because I am interested in all of it, although french 301 scares me a little. It's entirely immersion- including the part where we get our homework assignments, so I am constantly afraid that I am not understanding what I need to do. The first class made me feel a little bit like a poser idiot who couldn't speak french because everyone around me seemed to know what was going on, and I was very confused, but the second class I understood almost everything, so that makes me feel better.

Hello, to everyone I haven't really seen on LJ in a while! How are you? How's your new year been so far?

(And, also, can anyone explain to me why the format of this entry is so messed up? It's only that way in a few spots, and nothing I do seems to fix it in the preview.)

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I watched The new episode of Sherlock last night! Oh my goodness! And, also, I have fic. Sadly, the two are unrelated.

I know all anybody probably wants to read right now is fic inspired by Scandal in Belgravia (I know I do), but instead I bring you post pool fic! I've been writing this, on and off, ever since I first finished the first season of Sherlock. I tried to set myself the deadline of "at the very least before the new series airs! Please!" And missed it. Oh well

Title: The Elegance of Deduction
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Characters/Pairings: John/Sherlock
Rating: R
Word count: 6768
Disclaimer: Nope, not mine. None of it. But, oh, the things I would do if they were mine...
Warnings: Strong PTSD. Sex. Sherlock manipulating John.
Notes: This is post pool au fic, started way back when I first finished season one of Sherlock, and finished not quite before season two of Sherlock begins. This is my first (posted) fic ever. Beta credit to the lovely, talented, sexy, amazing tartancravat; without her I never would have tried this. Her writing inspires me, as do her silly faces. If you haven’t, go read her writing!
Summary: John hadn’t even noticed it happening, but he had known that Sherlock had subtly imprinted himself on his mind and on his skin. He could almost feel the mark as a physical thing, sprawled over scarred skin and mind alike. Property of Sherlock, Do Not Touch. Scrawled casually, and then forgotten.

Sherlock had acted before John could catch his breathCollapse )
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Woo! I'm off camping today! I haven't been camping in far too long, so this is very, very exciting. Especially since there may be kayaking, if the weather permits.

The other thing that's exciting is realizing I have good enough friends here to be invited camping. Yay!

On the 5 hour car ride over, the plan is to play a d6 RP that we all sort of made up ourselves, called The Deranged Dirigible. I am Rosita, the cook of our pirate airship, and I only speak in one syllable words until I get raging drunk (which, since it's the pirate ship and I have access to all the alcohol as cook, is often). It's just fun, stupid silliness, and should hopefully pass the time well. There will also be this cheesecake, which I made for this trip (That is a blatant lie. I made it for me, and it's only good fortune that there is any left).

I will probably lack internet all weekend, alas. Which means, sadly, I will miss the new Doctor Who and the update to this BNF!John Sherlock fic, which I have been living for these past few days. Darn!
But, still. Camping!
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