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miss_sabre's Journal

9 December 1990
I am 20 year old, college student, majoring in theater, and enjoying french, psychology, and dance. In highschool I learned Italian, and am still miffed that my college doesn't teach it. I like long walks on the beach, and cooking (sometimes), acting (all the time), writing (In theory), reading (all the time), firespinning (whenever I can), roleplaying (weekly), and other things I'm not thinking of right now(or not, I could be boring). I haven't got a clue what I'm doing with this journal, but if you think I'm interesting feel free to friend me.
I'm pretty shy on the internet at the moment, but I'm hoping to gain my internet legs (inter legs?)a bit, and lose some of the shyness. I'm a long time lurker in fandom, and on various journals, though I've never actually posted fanfiction and I hardly ever comment. I think I've always been too afraid of looking like a total n00b, so, now, if I go a bit too far in the other direction, that's why. I'll sort myself out eventually, and the process ought to be interesting at least.